Campus Environment and Cultural Safety Working Group

The Campus Environment and Cultural Safety Working Group provided focused attention and work on the inclusion of Indigenous cultures, knowledges and ways of knowing, being and doing in the campus environment.

Areas of Focus

  • Accommodation for cultural and spiritual practice 

  • Communications 

  • Representation in physical spaces 

  • Ceremonial areas 

  • Co-curricular and extra-curricular educational opportunities for students  


  • Chelsea Brant, Coordinator, Indigenous Programs

  • Wilfred Ferwerda, Project Manager

  • Jenna Hennessy, Manager Internal Communications

  • Pat Kelly, Associate Director, Residence Life 

  • Indira Naidoo-Harris, Assistant Vice-President (Diversity & Human Rights) 

  • Dave Skeen, Métis Knowledge Holder 

  • Quincy Sickles-Jarvis, Alumna

  • Cara Wehkamp, Special Advisor to the President on Indigenous Initiatives 

  • Tracey Jandrisits, Assistant Vice President (Faculty and Academic Staff Relations) [Former member]

  • Kristine Keon, Undergraduate Student, Co-Chair Indigenous Student Association [Former member] 

Support: Anna Johnson, Graduate Research Assistant

Terms of Reference