Pedagogy and Curriculum Working Group

The Pedagogy and Curriculum Working Group identified the needs and opportunities for including Indigenous knowledges and ways of knowing, being and doing in undergraduate and graduate learning environments.

Areas of focus 

  • Program and curriculum development

  • Instruction and assessment

  • Indigenous community engagement

  • Experiential learning opportunities

  • Support for learners 

  • Instructor support for indigenizing the classroom 


  • Myrna Dawson, Canada Research Chair in Public Policy in Criminal Justice & Professor, Sociology  

  • Meg Ecclestone, Collections Librarian, Social Sciences & Business

  • Brian Husband, Professor and Associate Dean (Academic), Integrative Biology 

  • Brittany Luby, Assistant Professor, History 

  • Melissa Perreault, Assistant Professor, Molecular and Cellular Biology 

  • Robin Roth, Associate Professor, Geography 

  • Natasha Martin, Graduate Student 

  • Daniel Poulin, Experiential Learning Specialist  

  • Dale Lackeyram, Associate Director, Educational Development, Open Learning and Educational Support  

Support: Sidey Deska-Gauthier, Graduate Research Assistant

Terms of Reference